Das Golden Gate ist Schuld

Relaxed and melodic, Technodisco takes us on a journey into an eternal, timeless world in which you simply want to lose yourself and linger.
Everything is brightly colored, everything is soft and fluffy, everything is fantastically beautiful.


We say "ahoy" to our new crew member TYGR TYGR. He irons our sails straight away with his track Ancient. If that's not a perfect debut, then we don't know what is!
Technodisco then wants to kick it up a notch and lets us float effortlessly around the deck with his remix. But sailor KlangCharakter is in no way inferior to him and hits us with another great one. This is how the year can start!

Transformation Remixed 3

Welcome aboard! With its powerful melodic techno remix, Heinrich & Heine celebrates a perfect debut on Droomschipp. It makes us long for warmer open air days, dancing barefoot in the sand with gentle rays of the rising sun on our faces. Who is in? Immediately afterwards, Plunk.ton fires a much darker version of his original track, which is more reminiscent of dusky and loud club nights.

Right Now (Nico Pusch Remix)

Being right in the now, neither stuck in the past nor drifting off into the future, is what everyone longs for. To be able to share, live and experience this moment with the person you cherish the most is the greatest happiness. This track is about this deep desire, uniquely and incomparably interpreted by Plunk.ton and Nico Pusch.

Marc Raum
Entry… Run Run

There are moments when music simply arises out of a certain feeling.
Marc Raum tells us with this single how to fight your way into freedom; free of burden, free of fears, free of worries: "We run run..." - even if it is only the moment that the music gives us!