DSRDIGI023 | Plunk.ton - Transformation Remixed

Holy mackerel! After the successful album, Nico Pusch and Daniel Helmstedt get the Droomschipp going again with their sensational remixes. Nico, true to the song name "Right Now", pushes hard with his late summer remix and a massive synth, while Daniel picks up and catches all passengers again with his dreamy and soulful version of "Future Creation".

DSRDIGI022 | Mark Synth / Martinii - Impact / Foonky

What's up here? Right after the first beats you can feel the driving force of these two tracks. Mark Synth delivers with "Impact" a cheerful upbeat Techhouse track that is definitely not only designed for head nodding. Afterwards, young Martinii fires another groove that makes you go from twitching your leg to dancing at the latest.

DROOMSCHIPP & FRIENDS im Zwischenbau Rostock

Ahooooiiii, am 30.9. geht das Droomschipp in Rostock vor Anker!
Und wir haben uns jede Menge grandiose Gäste eingeladen, um eine ordentliche Sause mit euch Landratten zu feiern.

Sichert euch bis zum 16.9. die begrenzten „Early Bird Tickets“ für nur 8€!

DSRDIGI021 | Marc Raum - Lost On Sundays (Plunk.ton Remix)

Melancholic and gentle, but with a driving groove and creaking, wallowing bass, Plunk.ton gives its very own interpretation of Marc Raum's original. Close your eyes, put your arms up, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of departure and dance into the sunrise with a mixture of joy and melancholy.

DSRDIGI019 | Plunk.ton - Transformation Remixed 1

How to bring your very own character into music is impressively shown by Alexander Ebisch, Marc Raum and Yes'in on this EP. With their interpretations of the original tracks "Follow Me" and "Future Creation" by Plunk.ton, each of them goes their very own way.